Prepping your brand for 2022? We’ve rounded up everything that will be influencing your customers over the coming year. From metaverse hype to authentic representation, one thing is for sure – things are about to change.

Metaverse Mindsets

Not just a trend, the Metaverse is a whole new world in itself, similar, yet different to our physical world with new rules and new ways of interaction. The Metaverse will have profound effects on the physical world and vice versa, impacting how people live, work, socialise, interact and shop.

Key influences…

  • Consumers move seamlessly between virtual and real worlds and expect these worlds to be interlinked.
  • E-sports continues to impact beyond the industry. 
  • Take cues from gaming to inform immersive experiences.
  • Embracing the shift to digital. 
  • A desire for creative experiences that go beyond the power of imagination.

Authentic Representation

Gen Z is the most diverse generation to date. Having grown up in multicultural hyper-connected worlds, diversity is an asset. Representation goes beyond conventional constructs and demands that marketing, product and store design mirrors diversity through authentic representation and inclusive design.

Key influences…

  • Normalising gender fluidity and non-binary.
  • Freedom of self-expression.
  • Rejection of stereotypical aesthetics.
  • Focus on authenticity.

Inclusive Regeneration

Sustainability is no longer a desirable add-on but an imperative. We are facing a climate emergency that requires us to act decisively to save and restore the planet. Climate change and social justice are inextricably linked to each other and it’s imperative that brands play a key role in addressing inequalities.

Key influences…

  • Focus on people at the heart of the regeneration effort.
  • Aspiring purpose and positive impact over material wealth.
  • Consumers expect brands to provide authentic and transparent brand stories, not greenwashing.
  • Expect brands to join forces and be part of the movement that restores the ecological balance.
  • A focus on inclusivity and accessibility for all.

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