Upgrading the customer experience, escapist playgrounds and integrating sustainability into store design are just some of the things that our founder Daljit Singh spoke to Raconteur and The Times about for their Future of Retail Report.

A peak inside the report: 

“After going through a prolonged period where the luxury of physical contact was limited, meaningful experiences have never been more important. Driven by the idea of discovery and surprise and a need for a moment away from the real world, retail brands are reigniting excitement through meaningful escapism and stimulating environments.”

“Brands that demonstrate transparency within the store experience will be rewarded with greater affinity and engagement,” suggests Singh. “We will see more brands initiate take-back schemes, open repair stores and consider modular store formats to accompany the move towards a more regenerative future.”


To read more fascinating insights and find out what trends will be shaping the retail landscape in 2022, download the full report here for free:

Raconteur: The Future Of Retail Report