Vans: Celebrating Togetherness




London, Milan


Retail & Experience Strategy, Brand Campaigns & Activations, Motion Graphics, Prototyping, Manufacturing & Installation


To celebrate Christmas with VANS we created a series of whimsical winter wonderlands that celebrate the Vans Family ethos of togetherness. The enchanting campaign spans key EMEA locations, offering unique experiences at the brand’s stores on Oxford Street, Covent Garden (London) and Via Orefici (Milan). The London installations are based on the playful holiday artwork of South-London based artist Hannah Bonn and Milan brings to life the work of Swiss-based artist Stay Dirty. We transformed their 2D artwork into experiential spaces where consumers can enjoy moments of joy and connection away from the hustle and bustle of the high street. 

Oxford Street, London

Opportunities for ‘togetherness’ fill the space including a giant snow globe that you can step inside and have your picture taken, super-sized versions of the artist’s characters and giant glitter presents with shoelace-inspired bows. A bespoke gift wrapping activation invites customers to take a ribbon from the 'streamer arches' and customise with a heartfelt message using the textile pens provided.

Covent Garden, London

A full take-over of both windows and multiple interactive touch points throughout the store complete this whimsical activation in Covent Garden. Explore a life-sized snow-globe with falling snow motion graphics, festive merchandising, a glitter-clad gift wrapping station and limited edition products featuring Hannah Bonn’s artwork.

Via Orefici, Milan

The activation in Milan is inspired by a Christmas pop-up card that makes customers feel like they are inside a giant work of art. We lifted details from the artist’s work including a blue outline and added layers of glitter to create a surreal comic-book effect.  Like the other two locations, supersized-gifts with shoelace inspired bows and a dedicated gift-wrapping station can be found within the space.