Crocs X JD Sports: Echo Launch


JD Sports, Crocs


Liverpool, Manchester, London


Experiential Design, Launch Zone, Window Campaign, Digital Strategy & Execution, Prototyping, Production & Installation

Brief & Creative Direction

With bold sculpting, comfort tech and a street-wear inspired silhouette, the Crocs Echo Clog is anything but conformist. For its debut in JD Sports stores, we created a disruptive launch zone and window campaign that reflected the progressive design and amplified comfort of the shoe with an echo-inspired creative direction. Allowing customers to step inside the world of Echo, the launch zone blends digital, tactile and acoustic interactions to bring to life product benefits, design details and technology. Outside the store, an impactful window campaign captures passing footfall while boosting brand and product awareness.

Interaction & Discovery

Foam plinth flooring complete with Croc insole detailing and cushion inlay allows visitors to experience the weightless feeling and comfort of Crocs as they explore the space. Elsewhere product is displayed on sculpted and coated foam podiums that bring to life the fully moulded Croslite™ upper and foundation of this new silhouette. When a product is lifted, motion sensors trigger on-screen content to display educational product benefits. At the centre of the space, holographic fans housed in a clear perspex case display futuristic motion graphics of the Crocs Echo clog, transforming into weightless dynamic forms and campaign related visual sequences that give new life to the design. 

Footfall & Brand Awareness

The impactful window campaign creates a visual echo display by combining elements including a freestanding reflective return, light boxes, digital screens showcasing ambient campaign content and a giant Croc made from layered cardboard to mirror the Echo tagline. In the forefront, product is displayed on RGB light battens set against a softly glowing sonic wave crafted from acrylic plates.

Prototyping & Production

Designed for long-term impact, we created a kit of parts that can be re-skinned or built upon to facilitate a refresh for each drop as well as scaled up or down for different spaces and locations. Each element was prototyped and optimised in house before proceeding to production, including both the retail furniture and technological elements and mechanics.