Styling the ‘Old Skool’




London, Glasgow


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The Vans Old Skool shoe is an icon, as popular now as it was in 1977 when it first launched. To celebrate its timeless appeal, we transformed the Vans Oxford Street store into an immersive back-stage styling experience featuring a unique collaboration with fashion design students.

Running directly down the center of the store is a catwalk showcasing the versatility of this iconic silhouette. Mannequins are styled by students using pieces from their own collections paired with Old Skool sneakers.


Inspired by a backstage fashion show environment, we incorporated educational touchpoints including a catwalk, casting wall and photo shoot to reveal the designers’ vision, process and creativity.  Styling moments curated by the students showcase looks combining sneakers from the Old Skool collection and their original designs. Elsewhere, customers can get creative inspiration from exclusive tips and looks that the designers have pulled together using Vans collections.

Customers can step into the shoes of the designer and review campaign images complete with commentary, notes and moodboards. Next to the wall, rails of clothing house key pieces pulled by the designers to create a classic Vans look.

Peg-boards feature signature looks pulled by designers with tips for creating a timeless aesthetic. Each month a new designer will bring a fresh look to the peg-board using key pieces from new Vans collections.