At the end of last year we took a trip to 180 studios to experience Lifeforms firsthand. It’s a mesmerising collection of expressive digital life by Universal Everything that explores natural phenomena from evolution and the dynamics of crowds to the diversity of our planet’s ecosystem.

Like human behaviour the art is unpredictable, with an ability to evolve beyond what was created in the studio. Many of the pieces have a visual generative system that transform with time and audience interaction, allowing different personalities to emerge and grow. No two experiences are the same and for those that visit along with others, it creates an interesting tension between shared experiences and a moment of personal immersion.

Like its namesake, it takes on many forms. From solo visits where people can flow and explore the space to collective experiences where people are encouraged to come together, Lifeforms is one of 2022’s most celebrated exhibitions for a reason. It may have concluded at the end of December but will remain ingrained in people’s minds for many years to come.

As we embark on a fresh new year, myself and the team are continuing to explore how brands can use digital as a form of restoration. We saw the power of this during London Design Festival, and now once again at 180 Studios. This is not about multi-channel but more about singular immersion. How technology can be used to regulate mood, influence perceptions and even give your brain a little massage. Facilitating personal moments within the boundaries of collective experiences. Above all else, and like Universal Everything achieved with Lifeforms, it’s about using technology to simply make people feel good. 

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