Authentic since the very beginning, Classic Since Forever. Vans is back with a new Classics collection for Fall 22. We partnered with the brand to bring the campaign to the street and execute its vision for brand experience zones in key Vans stores across Europe. 

Designed to generate social buzz around the Vans Classics range, the interactive retail experiences invite the next generation of Classics wearers to celebrate the shoe’s iconic history by reviving trends from past decades using their own personal style. 

Retro set design showcasing five iconic decades of Vans invites hands-on engagement and photo opportunities to create social buzz. Blending style and music, two pillars of the Vans brand, customers are invited to listen to playlists from each decade to transport them back in time. Elsewhere, QR codes reveal exclusive style guides blending vintage pieces with the new Fall Classics collection to inspire creativity and showcase Classics as a canvas for self expression.

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