Nestled in the English countryside is Pilton, a small English village with a mighty reputation as the home of Glastonbury Festival. Nearly every year it comes alive and welcomes up to 200,000 people for the famous “Glasto” experience – tickets for 2022 sold out in just twenty minutes.

With a vibrant atmosphere, immersive experiences and unparalleled hype, this incredible event grew from a humble pop, funk and blues festival into an international phenomenon. With an ever increasing focus on experiential brand experiences in the world of retail, we take a look at what brands can learn from Glastonbury Festival.

Online hype drives physical demand

If there’s one lesson we can learn, it’s that a connected approach works. This physical event has become an online phenomenon by placing itself firmly into the news and conversations across social media. By slowly releasing the line-up, engaging with its community and making announcements, there’s a constant cycle of rumours and speculation which helps to drive FOMO and generate interest. Tickets go on sale before the line-up is released, drawing a curious crowd in anticipation of this years’ acts. As a festival famous for securing the very pinnacle of the music industry, brand trust is strong.

Lead by example

Over the last thirty-one years, Glastonbury’s partnership with GreenPeace has instilled a sustainable mindset among its community with people sharing the goal of ‘leaving the farm how they found it’. This collective narrative facilitates deeper connections between the festival community as they work towards a shared purpose.

From the 2019 ban on the sale of single-use plastic bottles which saved 1.7million bottles from landfill, to the hundreds of drinkable water taps available around the site, Glastonbury Festival has earned the respect of its community through the simple act of leading by example.

Immersive experiences

Glastonbury is a place where people from all over the world come together for one thing: the experience. No matter if it’s your first or fifteenth visit, there will always be more to discover. Shangri La embodies progressive culture with interactive installations, ground-breaking live art and diverse music designed to actively ‘engulf’ its audiences. Elsewhere headline artists and inspirational speakers merge with craft workshops and healing fields. The festival takes visitors on a journey of the weird and wonderful, a true escape from everyday life. Through meaningful experiences, thoughtful surprises and education, Glastonbury makes sure its community wants to return.

Key Takeaways…

  • Online hype drives physical demand;

    Just because a store is on the highstreet, doesn’t mean you should overlook digital channels. Use a connected approach across social media to build hype, generate FOMO and drive even more footfall to IRL spaces.

  • Lead by example;

    Earn the respect of your community by taking action. Find out which issues are important to your customers and embody them into your brand narrative and experiences to drive deeper connections.

  • Immersive experiences;

    No longer just a place to shop, physical stores are an opportunity to connect with your community in real life. First impressions count. Make this an irresistible experience by involving your customers in the action. Drive online hype by making it shareable. Make it worth people’s time by educating. Secure return visits by offering thoughtful surprises.

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